In addition to service maintanence of device at our technical service department, it is important to be carefull about the maintanence your device at home to inhale the air without dust and other things.

How to maintain your device at home?
-Remove the power cable of your device from power unit.
-Clear the chasis of device with a damp cloth.
-Be careful to clean the hose access.
-Wash the therapy hose only with soapy water and dry it.
-Do not use another brand filter apart from Medicraft.
-Separate the mask from the therapy hose.
-Clear your mask according to usage instructions which is given with your device.
-In case of filter alarm, remove the filter from the back of device and wash it with water or change the filter.

How to clean up the humidifier?

-Separate your humidifier from the device.
-Remove the cover and wash the tank and cover with warm water.
-Dry your humidifier with a dry cloth, especially pay attention to dry the metal connections.