Medicraft PAP devices have useful settings which are make your therapy is more comfortable. These settings can be listed as; ramp adjustment, mask test, flexibility adjustment, auto start/stop, wake up alarm and screen light adjustment. To access the settings menu while your device is on hold the confirmation key for 3 seconds.

What is ramp adjustment?
This ramp adjustment is designed to make the beginning of therapy is more comfortable. It begins by delivering a low start pressure on desired time to help you fall asleep easier.

What is mask test and how to set?
Your device applies high pressure to check you that your mask is fullly fitted your face and is there any air leakeage on your mask at the beginning of therapy. When you start the therapy after wearing your mask, your device start the mask test simultaneously. And the mask test will end according to the time you already set.
Mask test makes your therapy more productive. It helps avoiding the irritation and dryness on your face due to air leakage during the therapy.

What is auto start/stop setting?
In case of auto start/stop setting is turned on, your device starts to work automatically when you wear the mask and take your first breath. Also therapy will stop when you take off the mask from your face.